Feminization Surgery

Feminization surgical procedures that can modify your appearance to promote concordance between your body and your gender identity (gender congruence).

Masculinization Surgery

Masculinization surgery encompasses procedures that can modify your appearance to promote concordance between your gender identity and your body (gender congruence).

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The Jesus Lago Institute team is made up of highly experienced and qualified doctors and healthcare personnel and has an Outpatient Surgery Support Center with state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring their patients.
IMPORTANT: The information contained in this web is only for guidance and general purposes. In no case is it intend to replace a personal consultation where your particular case is evaluated and where an accurate diagnosis will be obtained. If you wish, you can request a consultation without any commitment to evaluate your case. We are concerned that the provided information is the correct one for you. If you don't understand any word or explanation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Before Gender Surgery (Frequently Asked Questions)

Dr. Jesús Lago is a benchmark both nationally and internationally in genital reconstruction surgery. He is accompanied by professionals with extensive experience and training, collaborating together to carry out the necessary transformation in the organs of those people who feel that they are in a different body with which they identify.

His extensive training means into a close and safe treatment of his patients, providing them with all the necessary information before, during and after the intervention they have decided to undergo.

Their patients have a phone number in case they need to resolve or consult an urgent question once they have been discharged from the hospital. Of course, the personalized follow-up of each patient lasts depending on the type of intervention for up to two years.

The previous step to any action is to identify whether or not we are facing transsexuality. There are other gender identity disorders that are not always transsexual and therefore before taking any false step it is important to establish a clear diagnosis issued by a competent professional, psychiatrist or transsexual psychologist.

Transsexuality, once established, can be male or female and in this sense we speak of a transsexual woman, as that person who having man external genital feels like a woman and in the other sense, we speak of a transsexual man as that person who having some female external genital feels male.

Before starting the hormone therapy and of course before starting any surgical procedure, we must do different tests to rule out intersex states other than transsexuality and we must also determine lipid profiles and liver function that could be altered by hormone.

The most important and fundamental thing is to have a clear diagnosis of transsexuality. From this, consult with qualified professionals to receive correct and precise information on the procedures and decide which is the best suited in each case.

The person must express their willingness to undergo gender surgery after receiving professional and detailed advice.

No, it is not essential. There are people who do not tolerate the hormone or it is not recommended because of the side effects they have had with its use, and this is not why we reject them for surgery.

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