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Double annexectomy is the surgical intervention by which the ovaries are removed.

Genital Reconstruction Surgeries

It will be the surgeon, together with his medical team, who decides the most appropriate technique for each individual patient, analyzing their physical and social characteristics. However, the patient will have all the information to be able to take part in the final decision on the technique to choose.

Double Adnexectomy

What does Double Annexectomy consist of?

A double annexectomy involves removing both ovaries to eliminate the production of estrogen (female hormones) and to avoid the risk of long-term malignant generation in an ovary undergoing male hormone therapy and that will no longer be used. Generally, in people who are taking hormones, the two interventions are performed in one, the hysterectomy and the double annexectomy. In this way we eliminate, on the one hand, the risk of the appearance of long-term malignant diseases in the uterus, cervix and ovaries and, on the other hand, the generation of female hormones.

In most cases, hysterectomy and double annexectomy are performed in the same procedure. In the event that the patient has undergone a hysterectomy in the first step and then has decided to take hormones, he should undergo a double annexectomy and it should be performed laparoscopically.



Double Annexectomy

Surgical time

Surgical time

1 hour.

Admission time

Admission time

1 night.

Type of anesthesia

Type of anesthesia


Type of surgery

Type of surgery


Recovery time

Recovery time

3 days.

Double Annexectomy

Internal Organs

4.400 €

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Surgical procedure and hospital admission

Follow up

Pathological exam

And if necessary in the follow up:

Blood analysis evaluation

Ultrasound evaluation

We always recommend stopping hormone therapy before any intervention as there are associated risks, in this case even more because it is pelvic surgery.

If it is performed together with the hysterectomy in the same operation, yes, and as long as the size of the uterus allows it. If the patient has had a previous hysterectomy and then decides to undergo a double annexectomy, the surgery will be performed laparoscopically.

Technically it is a possible surgery, but it does not make sense in a trans boy since we would only eliminate the production of female hormones and the risk of some malignant generation in the ovary, but when the uterus remains, there is still a risk of suffering some malignant degeneration in the long term.

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