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They are different techniques that are applied in different cases, always with the prior evaluation of the surgeon. Colovaginoplasty is a slightly more complex technique and with a little more risk that is evaluated as a second option in cases of penile circumcision, previous interventions, micropenises, but very satisfactory results are obtained: a vagina of great depth and abundantly lubricated.

Our goal is for the new vagina to have erogenous sensitivity both at the clitoral and vaginal and perineal levels, and that the patient to be able to have pleasurable sexual relations and experience orgasm.

This lubrication is achieved over time, while the skin covering the new vagina adapts to its new, more internal and higher temperature position, which allows progressive epithelial changes to produce spontaneous secretion in a percentage of fairly high cases. If this secretion is not enough, you can always use intimate moisturizers or lubricants.

Dilations are a very important part in this type of intervention, our recommendation is that they be carried out for at least six months to one year. As of the year and in case the patient has stable sexual relations, the dilations are no longer necessary since a natural penetration is always better than a mechanical dilatation.

Our advice to have the first sexual relations with penetration is to wait at least three months after the intervention, if possible with a stable couple and with someone who knows the patient's personal situation. It is our suggestion for to reach a satisfactory and pleasant first relation.

Obviously, the waiting time to return to sports will depend solely and exclusively on the sport you want to practice and in general these times are always indicative. Once the patient has undergone surgery, the surgeon will determine the times based on their recovery since not all bodies are the same.

The patient should continue under the supervision of an endocrinologist who will surely modify the doses downward, but most of the time, hormonal treatment is necessary for all life. You should never self-medicate as this action can put your health at risk.

The vagina of a transsexual woman has specific morphological characteristics such as the absence of the uterus, ovaries and cervix, so she is not exposed to the usual gynecological pathologies, but she should follow routine reviews with the surgeon who has performed the surgery. What we do want to advise is to have protected sex since both a transsexual woman and a CIS woman are exposed to the same risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

The human papilloma virus can also integrate into the epithelium of vaginoplasty and cause warts and cancer.

On the other hand, colovaginoplasty houses colonic mucosa inside, being subject to the risk of cancer from 50 years age fundamentally.

For the reasons stated, reviews are necessary but by the professional who performed the surgery or by a professional with experience in trans people. Reviews should include simple vaginoscopy or video-endoscopy in the case of colovaginoplasty.

As for the breasts, we must say that breast cancer is very rare in transsexual women, but hormonal treatment can produce changes in the mammary gland, so we do recommend self-examinations and mammography associated with ultrasound as a method of cancer screening breast.

The fact that a trans woman suffers from prostate cancer is rare. Due to the hormonal treatment that patients receive, the prostate decreases in size considerably and ends up atrophying. We also recommend that you undergo a periodic PSA exam from the age of 50.

Although they share common characteristics, it is not exactly the same. The pectoralis muscle of a trans woman is stronger than that of a cis woman, for this reason, the prosthesis must be placed a little lower and be very cautious in the postoperative period so that it remains in place and is not rejected upwards by the pectoral which would lead to a poor aesthetic result.

At least it should be possible to reach a depth of about 15 cm measured from the vaginal introitus. If it is not achieved through simple vaginoplasty, then colovaginoplasty should be practiced, it is a more complex technique and with greater risks but with very satisfactory results. Depth is not only achieved with the proper surgical technique, but also with dilations, which are also important in maintaining the vaginal canal.

For some years now we have been adding the preparation of interlabial mucosa, that is, the presence of mucosa between the labia minora to achieve the most natural appearance of the vulva, and that it presents moisture not only within the vagina but between them labia minora. This mucous is achieved by preserving part of the mucous of the urethra.

The aesthetic part is as important as the morphological one and in a vaginoplasty they go together. Whenever we perform a vaginoplasty we try to make the morphology as similar as possible to that of a cis woman and this logically implies an aesthetic. For this we must consider the preparation of the labia minora, labia majora, the clitoral foreskin, the perineal orifice, the vaginal introitus and the interlabial mucosa.

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