Genital reconstruction Feminization surgeries

Genital reconstruction surgery also known as gender confirmation surgery is the surgical procedure by which the male genitalia are adapted to create female genitalia, which are those of the gender with which the patient identifies.

Genital Reconstruction Surgeries

These surgeries are called vaginoplasties and there are two techniques, the simple or penile inversion vaginoplasty, the most common, and the colovaginoplasty. In the first consultations, an evaluation of the patient's general situation is made and her physical and social characteristics are evaluated.

It is very important that once the situation is evaluated, the patient is informed about the existing techniques, so as long as she has the necessary information, she can take part in the final decision on the technique to choose, based on her wishes, sexual affinity and the risks she is willing to take, since the second technique carries a little more risk than the first.


Simple or Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty

This surgery consists of reconstructing the female external genitalia from the skin of the dorsum of the penis and scrotum, we also add a mucosa between the labia minora not present on the skin of the dorsum of the penis using the lining of the urethra. The objective is to create a female genital complex both from an anatomical, aesthetic and functional point of view.

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This surgery is quite similar to the previous one but a colon segment is used to form the vagina, which gives greater depth and great lubrication due to the mucous secretion of the colon, achieving completely normal and pleasant sexual intercourses.

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Vaginoplasty with peritoneal flap or peritoneal peritonization

Vaginoplasty with peritoneal flap or peritoneal peritonization

As in the penile inversion vaginoplasty technique, the objective of the intervention is to create a female genital complex, with greater depth but with less risk than in a colovaginoplasty. Achieving completely normal and pleasurable sexual relations.

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