Genital Reconstruction Penis and Testicles Prosthesis

Penis and testicles prosthesis allow the patient to obtain the phalloplasty final result. Thanks to these prostheses we will obtain a natural appearance similar to that of a cis man and an erection ability.

How do we implant the penis and testicle prosthesis?

The testicle prostheses can be placed in the same operation according to the surgeon's decision and depending on the tissues existing during the first surgery, or if not being delayed for 12 months. In the case of penile prostheses, it is essential to place them in a last step procedure twelve months after the initial surgery.

Penis and Testicle Prosthesis

Penile prostheses are of two types, malleable and hydraulic. Malleable prostheses have the advantage of being smaller and having less material, which reduces complications and are cheaper. In the case of hydraulic prostheses, they have the advantage of achieving a more natural erection than in the case of flexible prostheses, but they are associated with more complications due to the volume of the prostheses and the devices to be implanted. They are also a little more expensive.

The main differences are in the price and in the complications. Hydraulics are much more expensive compared to malleable although they achieve a much more natural erection result. These are inflated through a small device located under the skin of the abdomen or below the scrotal bag and this allow the patient to achieve an erection. On the other hand, the malleable ones, as its name indicates, are malleable by hand, they allow the patient an erection but not as natural as the hydraulic ones.

Yes, in general, very large prostheses cannot be placed since we start from a scrotal bag formed by the labia majora, which is usually not very large, but in the case that the patient has large and lax labia, larger prostheses can be used. This will depend on the quality of the tissues before surgery and the patient's decision.

The most frequent complications are of two types. The first, the infection that can force the implant to be removed and the second the extrusion, that is, the implant comes out spontaneously throw any of the scars in the postoperative period, this would also force the removal of the implanted material.

Testicular prostheses can be placed in the first operation depending on the tissues and the information given to the patient about the risks of extrusion of the prostheses. We recommend that the penile prosthesis must be placed in a second procedure, generally it is necessary to wait twelve months and it is not essential to place it, it depends on the patient's decision.

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