Phalloplasty Masculinization Surgery

The phalloplasty is a surgical procedure through which a penis of a shape and size similar to that of any CIS male is achieved.

What’s the purpose of a phalloplasty?

The phalloplasty is a surgical technique that consists of reconstructing the genital area to give it a completely masculine appearance. For this procedure, we use a free flap from another area of the body and we place it in the genital area, suturing the artery, the nerve and the vein. In this way we ensure that this tissue transplant is viable and has a natural appearance and length, as closest as possible to the biological penis of a CIS man.

Phalloplasty Masculinization

Once the surgery is completed and the long-term follow-up of the patient is finished, his genital appearance is completely natural and similar to that of a cis man in both morphology and length. If the patient wants to have sexual intercourse, the placement of a prosthesis that allows erectility is necessary. Sensitivity is achieved by joining one of the nerves in the genital area with phalloplasty, regardless of this, erogenous sensitivity is preserved because the female clitoris is hidden deep.




Surgical time

Surgical time

8/10 hours.

Admission time

Admission time

6 days.

Type of anesthesia

Type of anesthesia


Type of surgery

Type of surgery

Open surgery with tissue transplant.

Recovery time

Recovery time

45 days.


Phalloplasty with Hysterectomy

24.000 €

Phalloplasty without Hysterectomy

20.000 €

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Surgical procedure and hospital admission

Follow up

Pathological exam

Testicular prostheses

And if necessary in the follow up:

Blood analysis evaluation

Ultrasound evaluation

Basically it depends on what the patient wants in his sex life. If the patient wants to have sexual intercourses with erection and penetration, the placement of a prosthesis is essential.

To perform a phalloplasty, several interventions are necessary, generally three. The first to do the genital reconstruction, the second to make the male urethra and the third to place the prosthesis (whenever the patient wants it). In some cases the interventions can be reduced to two by joining the first two, the genital reconstruction and the making of the urethra in one. This being the case, a little more risk is assumed since the scarring of the male urethra is less when done at the same time as genital reconstruction. If the patient does not want a prosthesis, the phalloplasty would be reduced to a single surgery.

All the surgeries carry a risk. Specifically in phalloplasty, which is a very important procedure, the risk of necrosis is there in the transplant tissue performed in the genital area. Another complication that may arise is related to the urethra, just as in metoidioplasty, fistulas and strictures of the urinary tract can occur, which in this case are more frequent given the greater length of the urethra compared to metoidioplasty.

We always clarify that these times vary greatly depending on each patient, but when dealing with more tan one surgeries, and the presence of a tissue transplant, the recovery time is always long since the tissues to be transplanted need a period of remodeling that usually lasts for months and can reach a year.

This technique offers the best results for the genital area. This allows us to reach the most natural length and aspect within the male genital area, in addition to being able to urinate standing up, to have sexual intercourses and to have the ability to reach orgasm.

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