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Before performing a treatment, you will have an appointment with our doctors to advise you. Come to the Dr. Jesús Lago Institute and we will make an assessment and inform you of what treatment is best for you. Our specialists are at your disposal to recommend the best treatment.

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The Jesus Lago Institute team is made up of highly experienced and qualified doctors and healthcare personnel and has an Outpatient Surgery Support Center with state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring their patients.
IMPORTANT: The information contained in this web is only for guidance and general purposes. In no case is it intend to replace a personal consultation where your particular case is evaluated and where an accurate diagnosis will be obtained. If you wish, you can request a consultation without any commitment to evaluate your case. We are concerned that the provided information is the correct one for you. If you don't understand any word or explanation, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Last update / September 7, 2020
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Centro autorizado por la Comunidad de Madrid
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World Professional Association for Transgender Health
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