Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty Genital reconstruction

The standard procedure for penile inversion vaginoplasty is to perform a cutaneous neovagina using the inverted skin of the penis and scrotum. The objective is to create a female genital complex both from an anatomical, aesthetic and functional point of view.

Genital Reconstruction Surgeries

It will be the surgeon, together with his medical team, who decides the most appropriate technique for each individual patient, analyzing their physical and social characteristics. However, the patient will have all the information to take part in the final decision on the chosen technique. So we consider the patient as a member of the medical team when the decision affecting the most appropriate technique, will be taken.


What does simple vaginoplasty consist of?

Simple or penile inversion vaginoplasty involves using skin from the back of the penis and scrotum to cover the new vaginal cavity between the rectum and the prostate. This technique consists of several steps. In the first one, we use a part of the impeller of the glans of the penis to do the new clitoris. For this, we pediculate it conserving nerves and vessels to form the clitoris. Then, we release the urethra from the corpora cavernosa, and we use it to make the female urethra, that by being smaller than the male one, the excess part can be used to make the interlabial mucosa for the labia minora. Then we create the tunnel between the prostate and the rectum for the new vagina and finally, and once the corpora cavernosa have been removed, we rebuild everything to form the vulva. With the skin of the back of the penis and part of the skin of the scrotum we cover the tunnel we have made between the prostate and the rectum for the new vagina. With the skin of the back of the penis we also form the foreskin of the clitoris and with the rest of the scrotum we form the labia majora.



Simple or penile inversion vaginoplasty

Surgical time

Surgical time

6 hours.

Admission time

Admission time

3/4 days.

Type of anesthesia

Type of anesthesia


Type of surgery

Type of surgery


Recovery time

Recovery time

30 days.

Genital reconstruction


10.950 €

This price includes:

Preoperative tests

Preoperative consultations

Surgical procedure and hospital admission

Follow up

Vaginal dilators kit

Pathological exam

And if necessary in the follow up:

Flexible vaginoscopy evaluation

Blood analysis evaluation

Ultrasound evaluation

Anyone who feels like a woman but expresses male-looking external genitalia can undergo a simple vaginoplasty. We will decide to perform a simple vaginoplasty whenever there is a sufficient length of the penis, to obtain a good vaginal depth. The sufficient length is defined by the patient and the surgeon as a whole, depending on the personal circumstances, the sexual affinity and the sexual wishes of the patient to be operated on.

Yes, it is advisable to stop the hormonalization, mainly estrogens, for at least four weeks before the surgery due to the risk of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. As it is a long-term pelvic procedure, there is in itself this risk and if the patient continues with the hormonotherapy, estrogens would increase this risk. Nevertheless, it is only an advise to the patient since there is not enough scientific support to make this interruption mandatory for the surgery when the trans women is under medical control and the estrogen levels are in the correct range for a women.

The time of admission is variable, although it generally does not exceed three days. The hospital admission is made for post-operative control of bleeding, possible bruising and the possibility of infection. Once the patient has risen, has correctly taken food orally, and no complications have been observed, it is advisable to be discharged to avoid infections by resistant and difficult-to-treat germs, associated with prolonged admissions in Hospital.

As in any intervention, complications can occur. The most common are hematoma and infection. Both must be controlled by the surgeon and with a proper diagnose and the appropriate treatment, can be eliminated without sequelae and without risk to the patient.

Dilations in the first weeks are not painful. These first "dilations" are carried out with fine probes since it is not necessary to dilate. The goal of using these fine probes for the first few weeks is to leave the newly created tunnel patent and to prevent sutures from opening in the vulva when dilators are used. Neither is it necessary to carry out any type of washing or exceptional antibiotic coverage since infections are controlled in the operating room with the corresponding intraoperative antibiotic prophylaxis. From the fourth to sixth week, the dilations themselves begin, with dilators whose diameter implies a dilation of the tissue of the perineum.

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